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Doug McGrew

Doug McGrew
Director of Sales, Onsite Flooring

Doug McGrew has devoted his entire working career to the building and wood floor industry, a passion which has spanned over more than twenty years. In 2001, after years of managing his family-owned construction and development company, Doug began his own wood floor business while maintaining his current building workload and special projects for clients. Wood floors quickly became his primary focus as he grew his company. When the local high school gym needed to be resanded, he jumped at the opportunity to hone his abilities and has been captivated with gym floors ever since.

While dedicated to performing his craft, Doug is equally passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of wood floors with others. He has written for Hardwood Floors magazine, taught at many NWFA schools across the United States, and even travelled as far as Australia in order to conduct classes on wood floors and spread his love of the craft.

Doug began working on the manufacturing side of the industry in 2014 and has enjoyed all the customers he has had the privilege to meet and assist, as well as working with product development teams to develop new and innovative products that streamline the process for contractors. Doug is excited to bring his vast knowledge and skill set to PoloPlaz and work with you on your next project.