There are many reasons dogs make great pets. Their adorable, playful demeanors and unrivaled loyalty make them enjoyable to have around the house.

However, even dog lovers must admit that man’s best friend can be a hardwood floor’s worst enemy. A common objection to having a dog inside the house is that his paws will scratch up the surface.  While no hardwood surface is impervious to pet scratches, PoloPlaz Primero provides the best defense against staining, scuffing, scratching and premature wear from heavy foot traffic.

PoloPlaz Primero is an oil-based polyurethane finish that cures at an incredibly fast rate. How fast? You can resume full use of the floor in as few as 72 hours.

Bonus Tip: You can best prevent stop marks and streaking by applying the finish with a roller. Your four-legged friend can prance around the house as he pleases while you have peace-of-mind knowing your floor has the best protection against Fido’s paws of destruction.

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