PoloPlaz Endure 2K Waterborne Finish


Save time with this fast-drying formula.

PoloPlaz Endure is a unique waterborne finish designed for recoating wood floors in just a single coat. With 50% solids, it provides a beautiful, long-wearing surface and incredibly consistent sheen not typically seen in waterbornes. Endure is virtually odorless and has VOC content low enough to use anywhere on any job… including LEED projects . Your customer can resume use of their floor in as little as 24 hrs. Don’t compromise your schedule. If you need it to last, make it Endure.

  • Two-component high building finish
  • Rollable
  • Most durable water-based finish available
  • Available in Satin or Matte sheens
  • Use with 100% Water-based systems
  • Very low odor
  • Excellent flow without streaking or bubbling
  • 3-4 hour dry time
  • Great for screen and recoats

Available in 1 Gallon Containers

VOC <100 g/L
Solids 50%
Flash Point n/a
Cure Time (100%) 48 hours
Coverage 400 sf/gal
Color Clear
Available in 1g Containers