PoloPlaz FastTrak 2K Waterborne Finish


PoloPlaz FastTrak is a unique waterborne finish designed for recoating gym floors in just a single coat. With 50% solids, it provides a very durable playing surface and incredibly high gloss shine not typically seen in waterbornes. FastTrak is virtually odorless and has VOC content low enough to use anywhere on any job… including LEED projects. Your customer can resume use of their floor in as little as 24 hrs. Don’t compromise your schedule. Save time and labor with the one-coat FastTrak system from PoloPlaz.

Use For:

  • VOC compliant coatings are required
  • Schedule is tight and no time for drying delays
  • Facility is occupied and won’t tolerate offensive odors
  • Budget won’t allow two coats waterbase + extra labor


  • Clean floor with Tie Tack or Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • Abrade floor with 180 grit 3M™ Hookit II discs attached to 3M™ Surface Prep Pads (SPP) until completely deglossed.
  • Vacuum dust and then tack floor with water-dampened towels until clean (no mineral spirits).
  • Apply with a lightweight T-bar @ 400 sq.ft./gallon with no pressure to handle. FastTrak will appear white when applied, but will dry clear.


  • Solids: 50%
  • VOCs: <100 g/L
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Solvent: Water, Glycol
  • Shelf Life: 1 year


  • Only apply when floor temp is between 70°F and 90°F.
  • Apply evenly and avoid puddling for best curing results
  • The key to a successful recoat is to achieve a smooth
    abraded surface on which to apply the top coat.

Available in 5 gallon containers

V.O.C. <100 g/L
Solids 50%
Flash Point N/A
Cure Time (100%) 48 hours
Coverage 400 sf/gal
Open Time (wet edge) 10 mins
Solvent Water/Glycol Ether