PoloPlaz Prime Advantage Ultra High Solids Clear Finish


Toughest PoloPlaz Finish Ever Made

Prime Advantage is formulated to withstand even the most demanding floor conditions. With high solids and low viscosity, it is ideal for recoats and new installations or re-sands. Prime Advantage is the toughest product in the industry and with a VOC limit below 275 g/L, with a 20 – 30 min open time and full use after 24 hours.

  • Long Open Time: 20-30 Min. Wet Edge
  • Ultra High Solids for Super Build
  • Low Voc: Less than 275
  • Easy To Apply: Low Viscosity, Great Flow & Leveling
  • Clear Formula: Will Never Amber
  • Scratch Resistance: Better than Water, Oil or UV Products
  • No Waiting: Full Use after 24 Hours
  • No Lingering Fumes
  • Years Before Refinish is Necessary
VOC 275 g/L (less exempt solvents)
Solids 61%
% Volatile 39%
Flash Point >102˚ F
Dry Time 3 hours
Cure Time (80%) 24 hours – Full Cure 2 days
Coverage 400 sf/gal
Open Time 30 min
Sward Hardness n/a
Color Crystal Clear