PoloPlaz Sealer 275


A VOC Compliant Sealer with a low viscosity and reliable overnight dry time!

PoloPlaz Sealer 275 is an advanced technology delivering on Performance, Natural beauty, and a Low VOC formula crafted and tested best in class results. PoloPlaz Sealer 275 delivers reliable drying, which means fewer polyballs and fewer days lost on jobs… even in less than perfect conditions.

  • VOC Compliant
  • Exceeds MFMA Standards
  • Reliable Overnight Dry Time
  • Low Viscosity for Easy Application with T-Bar and EZ-Way
  • Excellent Flow and Leveling
  • Advanced New Formula
  • Excellent for Installs or Resands
VOC 275 g/L (less exempt solvents)
Solids 45%
% Volatile 55%
Flash Point >100˚ F
Dry Time 8 hours
Cure Time (80%) 72 hours – Full Cure 7 days
Coverage 500 sf/gal
Open Time 60 min
Sward Hardness n/a
Color Amber