PoloPlaz Supreme Finish


PoloPlaz Supreme is the best oil modified polyurethane finish. It is distinguished by its high solids content for that extra build. Supreme’s long open time allows the finish to be rolled on to eliminate streaks and lap marks.

Poloplaz Supreme finish has excellent flow, leveling, and flexibility characteristics, as well as unbeatable hardness and film properties. Combine this with reliable drying and anti-bubbling agents, it’s no wonder that Supreme Finish has been the choice of professionals for over 40 years.

Manufactured with purest resins available, PoloPlaz Supreme produces a crystal clear, low ambering, protective polyurethane coating.

Use For:

  • New installation
  • Screen and recoat jobs
  • Natural wood
  • Stained wood


  • Recoat in 8 hours (varies with conditions)
  • One Day System – Use with Fast Dry for PoloPlaz One Day System (even on stained floors)
  • Film Properties – Excellent build and highly resistant to abrasion, staining, scuffing, chipping and household spills


  • Compatible with most applicators including roller, lambswool, brush, etc.
  • Apply with 1/4″ nap roller to eliminate lap marks


  • Solids…….45% (Polyurethane/Oil Resin)
  • Flash Point……104 F
  • Solvent…………Mineral spirits (petroleum distillates)
  • Shelf Life………1 year


  • 500 sq. ft. per gal.

Available in 1 Quart, 1 gallon, and 5 gal Containers

VOC 496 g/L
Solids 45%
% Volatile n/a
Flash Point 104F
Dry Time 12 hours
Cure Time 30 days
Coverage 500 sf/gal
Open Time 15 min
Sward Hardness Pencil 2H
Color Amber