PoloPlaz Waterbase Paint


The only waterbase game line paint designed specifically for gym floors.

PoloPlaz Waterbase Game Line Paint is a premium, commercial-grade waterborne paint. It was designed for commercial use on hardwood sports floors and should be used with PoloPlaz 1K, PoloPlaz FastTrak or PoloPlaz Express. This paint has low odor, dries quickly and is VOC compliant. We manufacture our own paints and have the fastest shipping in the industry. We even match custom colors and will ship directly to the job site!

Prep & Application

  1. Ensure the sealer has been thoroughly abraded and deglossed.
  2. Vacuum dust and tack with water.
  3. Once floor has completely dried, tape game lines. Eliminate airflow on floor during application.
  4. Stir paint well before use and apply with a 1/4” roller or brush @ 500 sf/gal. Resume airflow once paint has become tack-free.
  5. If second paint coat is needed, apply as soon as the first coat is dry enough to walk on without any sticking or tackiness (usually 4 hours). It may be necessary to abrade the first coat of paint to ensure proper wetting of the second coat. If so, use a 3M SPP with 180 or 220 strips.
  6. Degloss all areas evenly.
  7. Before top coating with PoloPlaz Express or Dominator finish, the paint must be abraded in the same manner as listed above.

Available in 1Quart, 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon Containers

All colors shown are approximations. Final results may vary. For exact color matches please contact us.

VOC n/a
Solids n/a
% Volatile n/a
Flash Point n/a
Dry Time n/a
Cure Time n/a
Coverage n/a
Open Time n/a
Sward Hardness n/a
Color n/a