PoloPlaz World Class Gym Sealer

Oil-modified polyurethane coating for hardwood floors

Our flagship sealer was formulated for easy flow and low ambering. World Class Sealer is MFMA approved and highly recommended for use on any hardwood sports floor – new installs or screen and recoats. World Class Sealer is also used on many NBA and major college sports floors!

Prep & Application

New wood or resands

  1. Sand floors according to MFMA procedures. Existing finish should be removed to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Sweep, vacuum, and then tack bare wood with virgin mineral spirits and allow to dry 30 minutes.
  3. Turn off all fans and HVAC systems during application. Apply with lambswool, EZ-Way, or T-bar at 500 sf/gal.
  4. Allow airflow when floor is tack free (usually 4 – 5 hrs).
  5. Allow floor to dry overnight before application of next coat. Abrade with new 150 grit or used 120 grit screens between coats and tack with water.
  6. Keep traffic off floor for 48 hours. Light traffic until 7 days, normal traffic after that. No rugs or mats for 30 days.
  7. Coating reaches 80% cure in 7 days, full cure in 30 days.

Screen and Recoats:

  1. Clean floor with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner prior to screening.
  2. Screen floor with new 120 grit.
  3. Sweep, vacuum, and tack with water (no mineral spirits).
  4. Allow to thoroughly dry and coat with PoloPlaz World Class Finish.
  5. If applying two coats, allow first coat to dry overnight and then abrade with a used 120 grit screen or new 150 grit. Follow steps (3) and (4).

Available in 5 Gallon Containers

VOC 580 g/L
Solids 32%
% Volatile n/a
Flash Point 104F
Dry Time 8 hours
Cure Time n/a
Coverage 500 sf/gal
Open Time 15 min
Sward Hardness n/a
Color Amber