Use the following Tie Tack cleaning systems for periodic deep cleaning, tacking between coats, and to reduce spreading contaminants during screen and recoats. The mixing ratios indicate water to Tie Tack ratio, so 3:1 would imply three parts water to one part Tie Tack.

Periodic Cleaning, 3:1 – Mix solution in bucket and clean entire floor. If floor is heavily soiled, two cleanings may be required.

Tacking Between Coats, 3:1 – Do not increase the Tie Tack ratio. You must final tack with clean water only before top coating.

Clean Before Screening, 0:1 – Use Tie Tack at full strength before screening to reduce the risk of contaminants. Do not use it at full strength between coats.


  • In a bucket, mix the appropriate ratios of Tie Tack and water. Dip untreated cotton towels in solution and wring towels before placing flat on floor.
  • Place push broom on towel one foot from leading edge and fold leading edge over the top of push broom. Push towel the entire length of floor. Before returning back down to the floor, lift and move push broom back on towel about six inches so that only a clean portion of the towel is on the leading edge, and fold the soiled portion of the towel on top or behind the broom bristles. Repeat the process until there is not a clean edge on the towel. At that point, turn the towel over and continue.
  • When a towel becomes dirty or dry, replace it with a new clean towel. Never dip a dirty towel in clean solution. Continue cleaning with fresh towels until entire floor is tacked. If floor still appears dirty, it may be necessary to tack the floor again with the Tie Tack solution.