Stairs Worth a Stare

Contractor Michael Stevens with Excel Flooring Design recently “stepped up” his floor game by applying PoloPlaz products to a flight of hardwood stairs.

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PoloPlaz Primero – A Dog’s Best Friend

There are many reasons dogs make great pets. Their adorable, playful demeanors and unrivaled loyalty make them enjoyable to have around the house.

However, even dog lovers must admit that man’s best friend can be a hardwood floor’s worst enemy. A common objection to having a dog inside the house is that his paws will scratch up the surface.  While no hardwood surface is impervious to pet scratches, PoloPlaz Primero provides the best defense against staining, scuffing, scratching and premature wear from heavy foot traffic.

PoloPlaz Primero is an oil-based polyurethane finish that cures at an incredibly fast rate. How fast? You can resume full use of the floor in as few as 72 hours.

Bonus Tip: You can best prevent stop marks and streaking by applying the finish with a roller. Your four-legged friend can prance around the house as he pleases while you have peace-of-mind knowing your floor has the best protection against Fido’s paws of destruction.

For more information about PoloPlaz Primero, click here.

50 Shades of Great

American industrialist Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it’s black.”

While we respect how much Mr. Ford revolutionized the automobile industry, we have a much different philosophy when it comes to the colors our customers want.

Our clients choose from thousands of color shades for their oil-based and water-based paint needs.

One example of how this is applied can be found in the MAP Sports Facility in Garden Grove, CA.

MAP selected waterbase paint for fast drying and low odor since the facility was occupied during application.  The floor was finished a single coat of odorless FastTrak and the project was complete.  Happy patrons returned the very next day to play basketball on the shiniest court in the facility.

Don’t settle for stock colors.  Contact PoloPlaz for custom paint on your next gym floor.

PoloPlaz Praises: Delta State University

Deep in the Mississippi River Delta in the small yet vibrant town of Cleveland, Mississippi, you can find a big-time hardwood floor.

Home to the Delta State University Statesmen, Walter Sillers Coliseum boasts a state-of-the-art parquet floor that was installed following the 1998 season.

Today, it is still one of the largest arenas in the Gulf South Conference and has hosted conference, regional and national tournaments.

The PoloPlaz Story

Since our company was founded in the early 1960s, our mission has been to give our clients the very best service possible. Over the years we have gotten to work with incredible people and help create beautiful hardwood floors across the country.

We are so thankful that some of our clients took the time to work with us to help tell our story. See what they had to say and find out why we love what we do.

PoloPlaz Praises: Heritage Hills High School

We love seeing the artwork our clients create with their floors. The way we see it, our clients are the artists; we just make the paint. We were privileged to be the finish of choice for Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City, Indiana.

Here is how their current floor came to be:

The creation began with the floor sanded to bare wood. The court was then sealed using three coats of PoloPlaz NSB Seal.

Heritage Hills’ mascot is the Patriots. The floor paint was matched with the school colors red, white and blue to take on a patriotic look.

Tape and GerberMask were used to put down the game lines, letters and logos.

To top it off, the whole floor surface was finished off with a double coat of PoloPlaz Dominator finish.

Heritage Hills loves their new floor and we do, too! Check out their new floor below:

PoloPlaz Praises: Premier Athletic Club

We love seeing the masterpieces our clients make with their floors. The way we see it, our clients are the artists; we just make the paint. We were privileged to be the finish of choice for the Premier Athletic Club in New York.

The club needed sand repair and a refinish on an existing red oak gymnasium floor. NSB Sealer was used to preserve the wood’s natural color. The floors were then repainted with PoloPlaz Fast Break Paint and finished off with Magnum Low VOC Finish.

Check out these before-and-after photos to see what a difference these products made.

Before (top): After (bottom)

Before (left)/After (right)